County Donegal History Society - Schools' Competition

14th Mar 2017 to 12th Apr 2017
St. Eunan's College, Letterkenny
St. Eunan's College, Letterkenny

CDHS Schools' Competition 2017

 Donegal is a county with an abundance of monuments and artefacts and these are the focus of the County  Donegal Historical Society's schools' competition this year.

Director of the competition, Paula Harvey, is encouraging pupils from across the county to adopt a monument or an historical building and use all their skills to research and create their project. "This is an ideal opportunity for our pupils to discover the ways of life of our ancestors", she said. "The pupils will also be encouraged to talk to senior members of their family and neighbours in order to glean stories and folklore associated with their choice."

And the menu from which they can do so is varied and extensive: schools, banks, bridges, castles,  courthouses, mills and factories, to name just a few. Pupils need to  remember that certain artefacts are on private land, so permission may be required.

The Society is proud of the fact that this competition has an unbroken record spanning more than fifty years. In that time, the submissions have evolved from the era of the scrap-book, glue and scissors to the present format of MS Word and Powerpoint.

The prizes are prestigious and munificent, ie trophies along with €900 in total.

So, good luck to all entrants. This is your chance to promote and publicise your local artefact and you'll be amazed at the amount of history associated with your choice. Go out now and sell it to the rest of us! The deadline is April 12th and the Presentation is in Jackson's Hotel on May 31st. 

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