Aims of the Project

The Donegal Diaspora project will act as a platform to awareness and appreciation of the Donegal Brand.

This website will act as the centrepoint of all information and networks. Our aim is to promote Donegal, encouraging inward investment to the county. Key areas we will focus on are: education, heritage, culture, tourism, business and enterprise. 

Great potential exists to utilise countywide resources, creating a step-change in cultural, economic, business and tourism regeneration across County Donegal.

It is recognised that this broad community, the Donegal Diaspora, is a key resource for the region, with the potential to create linkages that provide skill, experience, networks and resources in relation to activities such as:

  • Inward Investment
  • Access to skills / experience
  • Tourism
  • Purchase of Donegal goods / services
  • Philanthropy
  • Cultural Activities
  • Access to networks
  • Promotion / county profile