Diaspora work concentrates on identifying and creating networks - those groups of people who will come together due to a shared common interest.

Our County has three key networks that are a bedrock of community for Donegal people all over the globe. 


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Image of a dimly lit stage with Donegal Association of Philadelphia in the background.

There are many networks and organisations that have supported the lives of the Donegal diaspora in Philadelphia.  For over 125 years the Philadelphia Donegal Association has been integral to the support and connection of people abroad. 

The history of the Donegal Society dates back to... Read more.

Image of Donegal player jumping for joy.

The GAA plays a pivotal role in bringing people together not only in Ireland but worldwide.  Many people from Doengal watched Donegal win the All Ireland Final from all parts of the world with pride in September 2012.  While there are hundreds of GAA clubs abroad there are five clubs that have... Read more.

Flight of the Earls Monument. Rathmullan. Photo Courtesy of Michael McFadden

A hugely important part of Donegal’s history and heritage is contained in the names of its people – families such as O’Donnell, Doherty, McGinley, Gallagher, O’Neill and Sweeney.  Have you ever wondered where these names came from?  In fact, they are a direct line to our ancestry – an ancestry... Read more.

Across the world, Donegal people have come together in their 'homes from home' and formed groups. A shared identity, background and cultural understanding allows members to create a link with their homeland. There are many Irish groups related to different activities or hobbies, indeed, there is... Read more.