Donegal Association of New York

Image of Donegal Councillors with Donegal Association NY on St. Patrick's Day

There are many networks and associations that have played a major role in the lives of the Donegal diaspora in New York and right accross the USA. However, for over a hundred years, the New York Donegal Association has been integral in the support and connection of our people abroad.  

This key network was incorporated in New York on August the 25th, 1896 as the Donegal Association of New York Inc. The Association been very fortunate throughout its rich history, with a team of dedicated officers, directors, trustees, historians, and chaplains - all of whom have made significant contributions to the well-being of the organisation.  

This trust and legacy has been handed down from generation to generation, and as a result the Association is still operating and very much alive as it celebrates 117 years in 2013. 

The Association hopes to continue this tradition by ensuring it survives for the next generation.  They aim to do this by welcoming new members, who can bring fresh ideas, become involved with events such as the Annual Ball, or the St Patrick’s Day Parade and contribute ideas and energy. The association have recently launched a new website - which is still in its infancy.  As it grows, everyone involved hopes this will be an important link, and a tool for information for all Donegal expatriates regardless of generation. 

The Donegal Association of New York meets on the 2nd Friday of each month, from September through to May. Meetings are held at the New York Irish Center, Long Island City NY 11101.

We encourage you to become a member - Be Involved, Be Connected, Be in Touch!Bi Linn!

For further info, please contact Rosina Gillespie Gallagher (President)