Donegal Associations

Caratra Beach, Inishowen, County Donegal

Across the world, Donegal people have come together in their 'homes from home' and formed groups. A shared identity, background and cultural understanding allows members to create a link with their homeland. There are many Irish groups related to different activities or hobbies, indeed, there is an infrastructure across the world that represents our Country. 

Donegal, nestled in the North-West corner of Ireland is represented around the world by the Donegal Associations. These associations have been set up to supprt and engage the Donegal Community.

For further information follow the links below. 

Donegal Association Dublin: Contact Sorcha Ní Dhomhnaill,

Donegal Association Philadelphia: Contact Bernadette Truhlar,

Donegal Association London: Contact Tony Mc Fadden,

Donegal Association New York: Contact: Rosina Gillespie, /

Please contact us if you know of any other Donegal associations, groups or organisations.

The Donegal Diaspora Project is for Donegal and from Donegal - Make the Connection.