Donegal Diaspora International Advisory Group

Pictured at the Tip O Neill Awards night are members of the International Advisory Group
The Donegal Diaspora International Advisory Group members including Tom & Shelly O Neill (Boston), Caroline Fedorowich (Boston), Anthony Callaghan (NYC), Packie Bonner (Scotland), John Mc Daid (Philadelphia) and staff from Donegal County Council including Garry Martin, Director and Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise


A Donegal Diaspora International Advisory group was established in 2018.  The group is made up of some key members of the global Donegal Diaspora family.  The role of the group is to provide insight, oversight, guidance and direction on the evolution of the Donegal Diaspora project.

Tom & Shelly O’ Neill from O’Neill & Associates in Boston continue to support the Donegal Diaspora project, in particular the Tip O’ Neill Irish Diaspora awards weekend, which is held annually in the county to recognise members of the broad global Diaspora who have excelled in their chosen field.

In April 2019, O’Neill & Associates facilitated a messaging workshop for the group.  The final report provided some very insightful recommendations and actions.  It also provided the group with some key suggestions on the messaging strategy, messaging theme, content and media tools to maximise our engagement with the Donegal Diaspora worldwide and achieve measurable outcomes and successes.  We are extremely grateful to all the staff at O’Neill & Associates who gave so generously of their time and expertise.