Fidget Feet

Image of two people swinging in front of a blue light with the fidget feet logo in front

“Fidget Feet are a pint-sized aerial circus from Ireland.  We’re a small company with big ideas.  We hang and fly from theatres, cranes, ship masts, castle walls, and pretty much anything else we can think of.” – Fidget Feet, 2013

With its origins in Donegal,Fidget Feet was set up in 2004 by choreographer Chantal McCormick and musician Jym Daly.  Chantal, from Ballybofey, feels that the many theatre and gymnastics lessons she took in her youth, accompanied by constant support from Donegal, has been instrumental in her high flying career. 

On her first tour of Ireland with the company she credits the support she received from Donegal Arts Officer Traolach Ó Fionnáin as incredible.  It was Donegal that commissioned the famous crane show in 2005 ‘Wired and Free’ which then went on to tour Ireland and Britain extensively.  Chantal is keen to give back to Donegal with shows and workshops whenever possible.

The company have become internationally renowned for their spectacular performances both indoor and out, astonishing audiences at places like the annual Fleadh Cheoil, Rose of Tralee, Glastonbury, the National Arts Festival of South Africa and the World’s Festival of Western Australia.  

Fidget Feet recently submitted an application to the Arthur Guinness Projects competition and were one of fourteen lucky winners.  The funding received will go towards the construction of an ‘Aerial Dance Creation Centre’.  The centre will mean that the otherwise niche area of circus performance arts rehearsals and classes will be available to all.

Now based in Westmeath,  Fidget Feet are constantly touring festivals and theatres all over the world with their stunning shows such as ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’, conducting workshops as they go.  They also host the annual Aerial Dance festival every June.  If you have ever wished to know what it feels like to fly, attending a show and workshop would be a good place to start.