Highland Radio

photo of popular broadcaster Shaun Doherty, Highland Radio
Shaun Doherty, Highland Radio

It’s not that long ago that Irish people abroad had to try to track down an Irish paper if they wanted news from home, and speaking with loved ones often involved long, complicated arrangements to place telephone calls through international operators.

The idea of being able to listen to radio shows broadcasting in their own counties would have been a ludicrous one. However, that’s exactly what thousands of people now do on a daily basis through Highland Radio.

A number of years ago, the station pulled off something of a coup when, in the very early days of online streaming, a quiz held over the air for participants in various pubs included a team having a breakfast barbeque in Australia. Nowadays, it’s commonplace for people in Australia to listen online and send in requests and comments via e-mail.

every year hundreds of thousands of people visit the Highland Radio Website. As you would expect, after Ireland and the UK, the US is the next most popular country from which Highland Radio is accessed. However, what is interesting is that the three countries from which the highest proportion of new visitors is coming are Germany, Spain and Canada.

Another interesting point to note is that the average US visitor to the website spends more time on the site, and views more pages that the average Irish viewer. That there is an appetite for the online service is evident, and more and more, the web is becoming a key point of contact between the station and its listeners.

Whether it’s accessing the news pages, checking the obituary notices or simply listening to a music show, the Irish abroad are using Highland Radio to maintain contact with home. 

More recently Highland Radio secured another decade on the air after winning its Broadcasting License for North Donegal.

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