Liquid Therapy

Image of two people in the ocean, one on a surfboard

Liquid Therapy is a not for profit organisation working with a range of young people facing various physical, mental, emotional or behavioral challenges.  The idea for Liquid Therapy began when its founder, Tom Losey, spent time volunteering with ‘Surfers Healing’ in California, a project that takes young people with autism out surfing. 

He began working with the Bundoran Surf Co. when he returned to Ireland.  During his time there he could see a similar opportunity to use the ocean as a form of and in 2011 this had become a reality in the form of Liquid Therapy.  However, Tom wanted to have families more involved and this has been a fundamental element in its ethos.

‘Accessing the Ocean’ was a winning programme submitted to the Arthur Guinness Projects sports category in an effort help further develop the organisation:

“The success with Guinness is monumental for everyone who has become a part of the Liquid Therapy family.  We are all massively delighted and to be one of the 3 finalists in sports category was emotional to say the least.  With the backing of Guinness we will be able to provide a full free program for 2014!”

With the help of the Bundoran Surf Co., countless volunteers and good old fashioned word of mouth, Liquid Therapy has undoubtedly proved to be a success in opening up the door for so many people to a new world of oceanic activity.