Aims of the Project

Donegal Diaspora Definition:

Donegal County Council’s definition of the Diaspora is broad enough to include the community of Donegal both living in the county and those living abroad.  It captures both those with a connection to the county or those who share a special affinity with our county.


Purpose of the Donegal Diaspora Project:

The project was established in Donegal County Council with the aim of connecting with our global Diaspora to create opportunities for our Diaspora both at home and abroad.  The project involves connecting and engaging with the Diaspora to encourage them to look at Donegal as a place to relocate, work, live, invest, set up business, be educated or retire to.


We want to increase our connections with:

  1. The community living in Donegal – What connecting with the Diaspora project can do for them?
  2. To the global Diaspora those who don’t have a desire to move back but would love to connect and work towards common goals.
  3. Those with a desire to move back and take advantage of the opportunities in Donegal.