Donegal, the ideal location for remote working

Covid 19 has transformed the way people live and work and has presented unprecedented challenges for businesses across the world.  But like all clouds there are silver linings and in this case it’s the opportunity that people have had to test or experience other ways of working and places like Donegal have seen a rise in people relocating and continuing to work remotely.  And it’s working for them, for their families and importantly also for their employers. 

Anne Marie Conlon Head of Economic Development with Donegal County Council explains “what we have found is that people are looking for those wide open spaces and to move away from large city locations where public transport and normal everyday city life has presented huge challenges for them and their families in terms of staying safe from Covid.

“So places like Donegal have offered that safe place but more than that it has opened peoples minds to new ways of working, to new ways of living and has helped them realize that there is another way to live where you can have a true work life balance and that moving to a location like Donegal isn’t about a compromise – you can have that really high quality of life alongside a successful and progressive career”. 

She also believes that the growing economy in Donegal gives it an edge over similar regions as a competitive and innovative environment for work. “We have world class broadband infrastructure in this region, a great network of digtal hubs and a fast growing tech scene as well as strong collaborations between further education and training agencies such as the ETB and third level institutes such as LYIT with industry and these have led to effective workforce development pathways resulting in highly skilled workforce in areas such as ICT, FinTech, engineering, and STEM”.

The new Remote Working Strategy for Business which was formally adopted by Donegal County Council reflects the commitment from Donegal County Council to ensure Donegal is an ideal location for remote working going forward, and to build on the experiences over the last 12 months. 

“Maximising the opportunities presented by remote working forms an important part of a blended approach to achieving economic growth and resilience in Donegal.  Attracting and retaining talent, enhancing innovation capability and entrepreneurship and sustaining inward investment are key drivers for the growth and positioning Donegal as a location of choice for remote working will play a central role in achieving these ambitions”.

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