Find Your Ancestors

Image of Griffiths Valuation and old OS map
Part of Griffiths Valuation and an Old Ordnance Survey Map

When contemplating a trip to Donegal, foremost in most family historian’s minds, is the hope to find and stand on the land where our ancestors were born.  Not so long ago, this would have been a daunting task however, in the last two years, it has become quite simple – there is still work to be done, but all the resources you need to identify that place are now online. If you have a townland, a family name, and/or the name of the head of your family’s household in the mid-1850s, these are the steps you can take to locate your ancestral home – The PDF link below is extremely useful and the case study can be used as a template for your own research.

All that’s now left is for you to visit Donegal so you can stand there in person!

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat (may your journey be successful)

Lindel Buckley, Jan 2013

Please click the following link to find out how to go about -  Finding the Home of your Donegal Ancestors