SuperJam – My Granny is from Donegal

Fraser Doherty pictured with his nan

“My story shows that what can start as a passion, with love and hard work, can grow into something amazing. Something that changes your life” Fraser Doherty MBE, SuperJam.

At fourteen years of age Fraser Doherty took his first steps in the start of his fantastic business career. In his grandmother’s kitchen in Scotland, after she taught him how to make jam, Fraser developed a method of making jam from 100% fruit.

Fraser’s grandparents came from Donegal and it was there that his grandmother originally learned how to make jam on her family farm, his grandmother is originally from Letterkenny and his grandfather is originally from St Johnston.  Fraser, who is now twenty six years of age, has visited Donegal and he has said “it is a very beautiful County and my family have many fond memories of holidays there…..I would like to visit again soon! .... I find the rugged scenery very relaxing and peaceful”.

Fraser became the youngest ever supplier to a chief supermarket, when at sixteen he presented SuperJam to Waitrose.  SuperJam has since grown into a company that has sold many millions of jars of jam through thousands of supermarkets all around the world including countries such as Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Australia & Russia and in supermarkets like ASDA, Tesco, Sainburys to name but a few.

SuperJam is a very successful business and the business has given to charitable projects around the world. Super Jam has set up community beehives in Korea and England and has assisted in organising hundreds of tea parties for the elderly for free in Australia, Korea and Europe.

Fraser was praised by the Prime Minister at Downing Street, by HRH Prince Charles and has also been presented with an MBE medal by the Queen “for services to business”.  He has attended over 500 conferences in 27 countries around the world and spoken of his incredible successful story.

In 2010 Fraser launched The SuperJam Cookbook, this book gives his jam making secrets and in 2011 he launched SuperBusiness that shares his story and everything he has learned, both books have become best-sellers. Fraser frequently lectures Entrepreneurship at Universities around the world, including at London Met. where he is their youngest ever Visiting Professor.

Fraser started out selling some jam jars door to door out of a plastic bucket and now supply’s major supermarkets all over the world. It can be seen that Fraser’s passion, ambition and determination has turned his dream into a very successful career. Superjam is exhibited at The National Museum of Scotland as one of its iconic brands and Fraser has received numerous awards.