Jim McGuinness

Image of Jim McGuinness
Image courtesy of Michael O Donnell, Donegal Action Images

Jim McGuinness was born in 1972, he was the manager of the 2012 All-Ireland winners, Donegal and hails from Glenties in South Donegal.  McGuinness managed Donegal from 2010 - 2014. McGuinness began his illustrious career at an early age playing with Naomh Conaill.  A pivotal moment in his sporting life was seeing the 1992 Donegal team grasp the Ulster Senior Football championship from Derry and go on to become national champions in their battle with Dublin, with Martin McHugh and his team bringing home  the Sam Maguire cup to a delighted county.

McGuinness’ career in management seemed to be recognised from an early stage.  At a young age of 18 he was presented with a blue and white whistle by Donegal Senior Medal holder,  Columba McDyer,  who recognised in the young player those traits which would eventually lead to the return of the  Sam Maguire cup in 2012.  He still uses that very whistle to this day. 

While it took McGuinness until 2010, following many unsuccessful applications, to become manager of the Senior County Team, he immediately stamped his own style on the somewhat demoralised team. He secured the Ulster Championship title in 2011 for the first time in four years.  The team went on to the All-Ireland semi final that year, but were narrowly beaten by Dublin. 

In his second year in charge of the Donegal Seniors, McGuinness led his team from the preliminary round of the Ulster Seniors Championship all the way to securing the Sam Maguire Cup against a Mayo team, for his overjoyed county. 

McGuinness has received great attention for his skills as a motivational manager, showcasing the loyalty and commitment his players have to the Glenties man. 

On foot of his all-Ireland success,  Scotland’s Celtic FC approached McGuinness, appointing him as part time performance consultant. 

Jim McGuinness is married with six children.