City dwellers looking to Donegal as their new business destination

City dwellers looking to Donegal as their new business destination

Estate agents in Donegal are receiving more and more calls from businesses and individuals based in Dublin looking to move to Donegal in light of the ongoing challenges and strains of city living that have become even more pronounced now during this Covid 19 pandemic. 

Brendan McGee from Franklins Estate Agents based in Letterkenny has received a noticeable increase in the volume of calls in the last few weeks from individuals including businesses interested in relocating to Donegal. 

“Lately, my office has witnessed a notable increase in the volume of applicants seeking accommodation in various locations throughout the county. Covid has without question been the driver of this increased demand and with many employers giving the green light to work from home, Donegal appears to be the location of choice among many of our callers” says Brendan McGee.

However, many of them are of the view that broadband could be a problem and that is just not the case explains Garry Martin, Director of Economic Development with Donegal County Council. 

“We have world-class high speed broadband connectivity here in Donegal” explains Garry Martin. “Businesses operating from Donegal will tell you that they have as good as, if not better, broadband connectivity in towns and villages across Donegal as they have in Dublin city centre or in any of the larger UK cities”.

Cerebreon is one of these businesses.  Gillian Doyle company CEO of this software company which operates out of Ardara in scenic south west Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way has found Donegal to be a fantastic location to establish a tech business saying “from an infrastructure point of view the broadband speed in Ardara surpasses that available in our Dublin and Birmingham offices.”

And Donegal County Council’s recently established Economic Development Division is set to capitalise on any competitive advantage that this new post covid era presents for the county. 

“We are currently in the process of developing a new strategy that will see us position Donegal as the premier location of choice on the island of Ireland for all forms of smart working” explains Garry Martin. 

“We have a network of high tech, flexible and innovative work spaces available in various locations right across the county with excellent high speed broadband connectivity and this coupled with access to some of Irelands finest scenic landscapes and vibrant town centres offers a compelling proposition for those seeking that healthy lifestyle while still pursuing progressive career opportunities.”

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