Emigration Monument

Image of a boat and the fid emigration monument
The Fid Emigration Monument - Image courtesy of Paul McGuckian

On Wednesday 2nd September 2009, Moville village welcomed a delegation from Canada. The purpose of the visit was to explore the cultural and historical links between the north west of Ireland and Canada generated by over one hundred years of emigration from Moville and Derry to the New Brunswick area and beyond.

The delegation were treated to the unveiling of Inishowen's emigration monument 'Fid'. The monument was designed by well-known artist Locky Morris and was unveiled by then Donegal Mayor Brendan Byrne.

A spokesperson from Donegal County Council said: "In Greencastle Maritime Museum the artist Locky Morris encountered an example of a 'Fid', the small hand held tool turned from a piece of wood, used by fishermen for splicing ropes and nets and by sailmakers for opening holes in the sails without tearing the material. "Locky Morris's striking new sculpture both recollects that form of a 'Fid' and the beacon flames lit on the hills by Lough Foyle for emigrants. The monument, which is being erected on Moville's historic old stone pier, represents Moville's maritime history and the legacy which emigration has left on this town and community."

The monument is accompanied by a small illustrated publication consisting of a number of short articles relating to the history of emigration from Derry and Donegal, written by some well-known local historians and academics. The articles demonstrate the surviving connections and links between the people of New Brunswick and the North West of Ireland.

The publication was put together by the archivists from Donegal County Council and Derry City Council's Heritage and Museum Service who have also contributed articles on the sources available for tracing one's ancestors, particularly in relation to emigration.