Moville, Iowa

Image of a blue and white Moville Watertower
Moville Watertower, Iowa

John and Martha McDermott arrived in the United States in 1848. John B. McDermott was born in Moville, Inishowen.  He and his wife first settled in Brooklyn, New York, then St Lawrence County, New York and finally Cherokee County, Iowa in 1860.  In 1861, they came to Correctionville, and in 1865 they moved to Arlington Township where he bought a farm, known as Allendale Farm, 1 mile south of the present town of Moville.  They kept a stage station in the original house built in 1863.  The McDermott farm was the stopping place for the stage coach that ran between Fort Dodge and Sioux City until the railway road was built.

In 1868, Mr. McDermott and T.J. Jones, together with a few men from Sioux City, were responsible for having a Post Office established in his residence.  Because it was in his residence he was granted the privilege of naming the Post Office and he choose the name "Moville", the town of his birth.  There are only two Moville’s in the world, Moville, Ireland and Moville, Iowa.

"The City of Moville welcomes everyone to our great community.  We extend our hospitality to those who come and visit.  The citizens of Moville take a great deal of pride in our City.  With our beautiful residential areas and our thriving business community we have a lot to be thankful for.  Our citizens enjoy clean and safe neighbourhoods, wonderful schools, beautiful churches, excellent healthcare and some of the best neighbours you could ask for.  If you are looking for a wonderful place to raise a family, Moville is your place to stay.  Whether you are visiting or relocating, we hope you enjoy your time with us in Moville, Iowa."


"In our town we spend a great deal of our time focusing on the children of the Moville area.  It is our mission to ensure that each child has a positive, rewarding experience.  We know that it is important for them to learn the importance of sportsmanship, honour, and integrity.  It is necessary to experience the emotions of both success and failure while sharing these with their coaches and teammates.  Preparing our children in all areas of life is what we strive to do everyday.  However, none of this could be completed without help from the community."


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