Green Schools

Green School Flag
Green School Flag

Can you help make the connections?

Green Schools is truly international with green flags flying in over fifty countries around the world. Do you recognise the Green Flag?If you do, why not take this chance to make connections between home and abroad? Get in touch with your local school at home and try and link it with a Green School or Eco School where you live now.

Green Schools or Eco-schools as it is known worldwide is a long term environmental programme. Schools follow a seven step programme and if successful are awarded with a green flag and it is the same flag that flies at all awarded schools in over fifty countries around the world including; almost all EU member states, Africa, South America, Oceania and Asia. Schools in Donegal and Ireland are encouraged to make links with other green  / eco-schools across the globe to share ideas and learn from each other. Could you help make these links?

Have you ever been told that you put that banana skin into the wrong bin? If so, it was probably from a student from a green school. Our school children are leading the way when it comes to going green with 139 green flags flying in Donegal and the results speak for themselves. In Ireland between 2012 - 2013 schools reduced their waste by an average of 45% , reduced their electricity by an average of 17%, reduced their water usage  by an average of 38% and have 18,000 less students coming to school by car per day.

Help schools in Donegal make global connections.


For more information on Green Schools contact Suzanne Bogan, Waste Awareness Officer, Donegal County Council (074) 91 76276 or email