The Killybegs Jobs Initiative

Aerial view of Killybegs Harbour

This major new jobs initiative for the Killybegs region aims to create 250 jobs in the area by 2014 by integrating initiatives and input from relevant state representatives and stakeholders in the Killybegs area. This follows from an economic study which assessed the status, development and potential diversification of Killybegs as a fisheries dependent community. The focused model being deployed in this initiative has significant possibilities for fishery dependent communities throughout Ireland.

Further plans from the jobs initiative include the development of a seafood innovation hub linked to the BIM Seafood Development Centre in Clonakilty to be located within the Killybegs College of Catering with a specific focus on pelagic fisheries, salmon and crab. In addition a Graduate placement programme for Letterkenny Institute of Technology’s food technology and food business graduates and BIM’s Innovation hub will be developed, offering successful students an opportunity to develop niche skills in the seafood sector.

For full details of the initiative, click on the link below to access the report PDF.