Raphoe Pipe Band

Image of Raphoe Pipe Band

Raphoe Pipe Band has been part of the cornerstone of the local Raphoe community for over 75 years. They started up in 1935 and are still going strong today.   Pipe music is part of the heritage and culture of Raphoe and its environs and the band endeavours to ensure its continued existence for the future generations.

The current pipe band today is a far cry from the initial members with their army surplus uniforms.  It is now a mix of the old and young.  Many joined the band as their fathers, grandfathers and indeed great grandfathers were members and they grew up to the sound of the pipes

The band longevity owes its success to the dedication of its members throughout the years.  At the beginning the band had its own problems, fundraising to get the band formed during hard times. Then when they were up and playing, they did not have long to enjoy it as The Second World War had just started and for the next six years the band did not meet.

When the war was over, the band was reformed again.  At the 12th of July held in Raphoe in 1947, the band had 12 pipers and 6 drummers.  In the 50’s and 60’s numbers once again diminished due to members leaving for work in Scotland and England.  It was decided that the band would need to move with the times and allow girls to join the band or the band would not be able to continue.  Indeed over the years numbers grew and the band flourished.

Over the last few years the band has played at the European Strongman Competition, lead the Olympic Torch and taken part in a documentary for RTE as well as playing at many community concerts and events.

2013 saw a new venture for the band by entering in the competition arena.