Wind Energy Opportunity

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Paul Hannigan, President of LYIT, signing the agreement with Bob Dickens, MD Safety Technology Ltd.

Letterkenny IT’s Wind Energy Centre at Killybegs have formally completed an alliance, which will enhance the employability of its wind technician graduates and make Killybegs a centre of excellence for Wind Energy Training for the industry.  Located at Killybegs, LYIT is the only college in Ireland with a Wind Turbine Training Tower.

Safety Technology Ltd (STL) is regarded as a leading supplier of Personal Safety Equipment and Training for working at Height and Rescue in the Utility/Wind Energy Sectors in UK and Europe.  It has strong industry links in the UK, Spain, Brazil and US.  The Wind Energy sector is heavily regulated and technicians working in the UK and Ireland need to be trained by a certified company recognised by RenewableUK and the Global World Organisation (GWO) in: Working at Heights and Rescue, First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness.  LYIT will be delivering these modules as an integral part of their Wind Energy Technician course in conjunction with Safety Technology.  It will mean that graduates will be qualified to not only work in Ireland, but now in the UK and further afield.  It also opens up the possibility of offering these and other short courses to the Wind Energy industry to up-skill and re-certify personnel on a bi-annual basis, as required by regulation here in Ireland and the UK.

According to Dr John Doran, LYIT and Manager of the Wind Energy Centre, “We’ve worked very closely with our wind industry partners to deliver the wind energy centre and its current programme over the last three years.  The current Minor Award in Wind Energy Technology is offered to unemployed people through the government’s Springboard initiative and gives graduates the opportunity to re-enter the work force in this growing, exciting sector of Irish industry.”

“The alliance with Safety Technology Ltd will increase the employability of these graduates since it will include Global Wind Organisation and Renewable UK approved safety training and certification for their safety modules.  Our graduates will leave us not only with a LYIT Minor Award in Wind Energy Technology, but also a BZEE Award and RUK/GWO certification in Working at Heights and Rescue, First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness.  These certifications will no doubt increase their employability skills.”

Commenting on the recent agreement Bob Dickens, Managing Director, Safety Technology added, “We’re delighted to be working with the team at LYIT, they place the same emphasis as we do, on quality, safety and best practice.  LYIT has been extremely proactive and helpful and we knew early on we this was the partner in Ireland we wanted to work with.  We’re looking forward to an exciting and long working relationship in providing the RenewableUK and GWO training to graduates, as well as surrounding wind farm owners and operators.”

“It was a fortuitous meeting of minds,” continues, Dr Doran.  “LYIT was looking to enhance the qualification so that our graduate technicians would be approved to work in the UK, and STL were looking for a partner in Ireland.  This agreement could be a significant step in making Killybegs a centre of excellence for the wind energy industry.  We will be able to offer short courses to the industry where technicians from all over Europe can train and enhance their qualifications.  This will add value to the region and Killybegs in particular, with spins offs for the local hotels, restaurants and other enterprises.”